EPD and other environmental assessment of building and construction products and materials

Service offer
We offer assessment and certification of the environmental impacts of building materials, structural products, and entire buildings using the standardized LCA (life cycle assessment) method.

Our services include:
  • Processing of the environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ČSN EN 15804+A1 and A2. EPD represents a transparent set of measurable information about the impact of a product on the environment during its entire life cycle and provides data for the building certification systems SBToolCZ, LEED, BREAM and others. The results of the analysis can also be used to optimize production processes (e.g. energy and water consumption, waste production, impact on climate change, eutrophication, etc.).
  • Creation of complex and simplified analysis, comparison and optimization of building materials, products, constructions, buildings and other constructions based on access to international LCA databases.
  • We help set criteria for Green Public Procurement (GPP), regarding the selection of construction products.
  • We provide expert support in the development of methodologies for various types of environmental labeling of products.

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