Exterior shading system with integrated functions for skylights

Registration number: TP01010066-01
Provider: TA CR - Program GAMA 2
Solver: prof. Ing. Jan Tywoniak, CSc.
Start: 01.01. 2021
End: 30.11. 2021

The goal is to verify the physical feasibility and functionality of the exterior shading system for skylights according to the granted European patent EP3749824 (ČVUT, Tywoniak). The exterior shading system according to the patent includes a frame located on the outside of the sunroof with a system of adjustable shading slats, the frame carrying guide elements for defining the position of the slats and their movement. There is an air gap between the slats and the sunroof glazing unit, which is equipped with air vents and fans. There are photovoltaic cells on the shading slats, possibly also on the edges of the frame, a Peltier cell on the frame, and there are climate variables sensors in the entire system, while these elements are connected to the central unit. This contains a power supply unit with an accumulator and an electronic control unit for storing and/or managing the use of produced electrical energy (smart harvesting) and also for communication with the superior building operation control system.