Flexible building system based on wood and high-quality concrete for energy-efficient apartment buildings

Registration number: FV10685
Provider: MPO CR – TRIO Program
Solver: prof. Ing. Petr Hájek, CSc.
Start: 01.09. 2016
End: 30.09. 2020
Partners: RD Rýmařov s.r.o., ŽPSV as

The main goal of the project is to create a flexible building system for the construction of new-generation apartment buildings, synergistically using the advantages of light load-bearing structures based on wood and subtle load-bearing structures based on high-quality concrete, with maximum use of precise prefabrication using advanced production technologies. The load-bearing construction system made of high-quality concrete will be characterized by high load-bearing capacity, long service life, fire resistance, and favorable acoustic and heat accumulation properties. The wood-based construction ensures a low carbon footprint of production, lower weight and excellent thermal insulation properties of the building envelope. The key problem that the project solves is the development and optimization of both material-construction principles and their continuity.
In order to fulfill the main goal, the optimization criteria of environmental impacts, energy intensity and economic efficiency will be compiled and the target parameters of the elements will be set. A load-bearing system will be developed from high-strength concrete and non-load-bearing structures based on wood, functional samples of system elements will be produced, the functionality of which will be experimentally verified in parts on specialized UCEEB devices of the Czech Technical University, and at the same time as a whole on a full-scale experimental object (the object will be located on an experimental plot UCEEB CTU in Buštěhrad). Modular energy systems will be conceptually designed, enabling the rapid installation of various energy sources, including the use of solar energy. Efficient and fast production technologies will be designed for individual elements and the entire building, and finally, based on the debugging of functional samples, prototypes of the main elements of the system will be produced. The project outputs will be presented to the professional public in the form of professional publications and a final workshop. The resulting product will be included in the portfolio of the company RD Rýmařov, which will supply it to developers of apartment buildings in the Czech Republic and abroad, especially in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland, i.e. in markets where it already has a sales presence and market position.