Hydronics 4.0

Registration number: TK01020024
Provider: TA CR - THETA Program
Solver: Ing. Jiří Dostal
Start: 01.06. 2018
End: 31.05. 2021
Partners: Honeywell, spol

The goal of the project is the fulfillment of European and Czech energy obligations to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are the largest consumer of energy (40%) and a significant producer of CO2 (36%). The Hydronics 4.0 project focuses on the development of a new generation of management of the distribution and supply of heat to buildings with the potential of significant savings in installation material, time, labor and, above all, savings of up to 40% in operating costs. The system of the proposed water heating network consists of innovative, interaction-minimizing control elements and the use of non-standard network topologies. Another added value is formed by the flat communication structure and the systems of continuous diagnostics and optimal predictive regulation of comfort inside the building implemented on it.