Indoor environment of buildings

Research team

We focus on the development of the internal environment in buildings. We study the interaction between man and the environment that buildings provide for their users. We are convinced that the vast majority of buildings we build are for people, and therefore the conditions in them should be as good as possible.

Our main professional focus is on thermal comfort, air quality and lighting in buildings. In the climatic double cabin, we carry out experiments used to analyze the environment created by various devices for heating, cooling and ventilation. The goal is to help our partners improve the properties of existing equipment and bring new solutions to ensure an increase in the quality of the environment while using energy efficiently.

Healthy lighting is an important topic for our team. We are based on the latest chronobiological findings about the influence of the light environment on humans and apply them to the design of lighting strategies in schools, homes for the elderly and in the development of therapeutic aids.

For our work, we use competence in the field of experimental activity. Some of our main instruments are particle anemometry for analyzing airflow images and a thermal manikin for assessing thermal comfort conditions. We also use computer simulations of phenomena in the internal environment (e.g. CFD) and simulations of energy systems.

Main activities of the team

  • In laboratory conditions we analyze the thermal environment and its perception by humans, the flow of fluids using the method of laser anemometry.
  • We perform a comprehensive analysis of the indoor environment in real operating conditions (thermal comfort, air quality, lighting, acoustics, electroion environment) with the help of a mobile set and evaluation of the user's subjective perception of the environment.
  • We optimize the operating parameters of systems to ensure the environment.
  • We develop and test new devices for heating, cooling and ventilation in rooms.
  • We use our energy optimization of technical building equipment systems to achieve the highest possible environmental quality with minimal energy consumption.
  • The energy efficiency of buildings in legislative contexts.


Complete instrumentation for measuring the quality of the indoor environment in real operations.
A model of the human body (thermal manikin) simulating its response to the surrounding thermal environment.
(PIV - particle image velocimetry) a system for analyzing the flow of air in a room based on sensing the movement of particles carried by the air.