Ing. arch. Lenka Maierová, Ph.D.


Architect, expert in the field of lighting, especially the effect of light on visual comfort and human health. She is involved in interdisciplinary projects in the field of lighting technology, chronobiology and architecture. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture CTU (2004) and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU (2015). The experimental part of her doctoral studies took place at the Swiss EPFL University in Lausanne, with which she still cooperates today. Since 2014, she has been working at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) of the Czech Technical University in Prague, where, among other things, she manages the Platform for Healthy Lighting. At the same time, she lectures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at CTU and the Faculty of Art and Architecture at TUL. She is a member of the international professional society Daylight Academy and the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).