Ing. arch. Martina Sýkorová

Telefon: +420 602 273 597

Martina graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University, specialization in Architecture and Urbanism. After her studies she worked for four years in the architectural office Jakub Cigler architekti as a civil engineer and urban planner. She also worked for one year at the Ministry of Regional Development at the Department of Spatial Planning and one year for a company specializing in the creation of spatial planning documentation and documents T-plan. 
Within the UCEEB structure, she belongs to Martin Volf's team dealing with Architecture and Environment. As an urban planner, his main focus is on sustainable urban development and its public spaces. From her point of view, a city is not only made up of material parts (street structure or buildings), but it is a living, vibrant organism made up of its main actors - the inhabitants of cities. In her projects, she mostly collaborates with experts in sociology and participatory design who investigate the opinions, needs and barriers of public spaces from the perspective of the inhabitants. Together with them, she tries to find solutions that will contribute to increasing the attractiveness and quality of public spaces and thus to improving the lives of people in the city. She has recently completed work on the projects Attractive Municipality: planning public spaces in the digital age  ( and Water in the city: blue and green infrastructure in a cross-disciplinary manner ( Both projects aim to create guides for local government representatives to support municipalities in planning and implementing public spaces and implementing stormwater management measures.