Ing. Julie Železná, Ph.D.

Head of the Sustainable Building research team
Telefon: +420 737 678 143

Julie Železná graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, majoring in Civil Engineering. She spent one year of her master's studies in Paris at the ENS Cachan University and during her doctoral studies she completed a 3-month internship at the CSTB Grenoble Research Institute. In 2013, she received her PhD for her work on environmental assessment of building materials. She is the head of the Sustainable Building research team at CTU UCEEB and is working on the topics of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of building products, structures and buildings, sustainability of buildings, ESG and related legislation. She is involved in the development of the national certification methodology for building sustainability SBToolCZ and is the chair of the technical standardization committee TNK149 Sustainability of Buildings and also translates European standards in this field.