Innovative solution for subtle concrete structures

News, 22/03/2019

Concrete reinforced with non-metallic woven reinforcements is an innovative solution to the growing demand for subtle concrete elements from builders and artists. We also deal with the development of elements from textile concrete at the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU.

Traditional reinforced concrete is the most used composite material in construction. However, due to the standards that require sufficient coverage of steel reinforcements in order to protect against corrosion, it is not possible to produce thin elements and at the same time maintain the required strength parameters. Therefore, composite reinforcements are also used in research and on the market, which have similar or better mechanical parameters compared to steel reinforcement and at the same time do not corrode. In recent years, concretes reinforced with technical textiles from materials with high tensile strength have appeared.

They are mainly used where weight saving is desired. Current applications are primarily focused on non-load-bearing elements, most often facade and handrail panels, furniture, auxiliary reinforcements of footbridges, etc. In the future, we expect a growing number of applications from textile concrete, which could bring savings on primary sources of raw materials. However, their more massive production will be made possible only by a better knowledge of the materials. So far, their design is based on experimental results, as there is no precise standard basis available.

Among other things, the team led by Tomáš Vlach is finalizing numerical simulations and experimental verification of frame corner reinforcement. Very positive results were achieved and it was possible to ensure a load capacity in the kink similar to that in the non-kinked surface. This opens up potential possibilities for other applications of this material, for example for folded facades, various staircases, lost formwork, etc.