Methodology for smart thermal grid planning: exemplary scenarios and coordination tools for Power2Heat system integration at the municipal level

Registration number: TK04010294
Provider: TA CR - THETA Program
Solver: Tomáš Matuška
Start: 01.01. 2022
End: 31.12. 2024
Partners: FS ČVUT, Feramat Energies, s.r.o.

The main goal of the research project is to deliver a methodology for strategic planning and coordination tools for effective decarbonization of district heating networks (DHN) in Czech cities by strengthening system integration with focus on Power2Heat (P2H) technologies. The project will place the decarbonisation of DHN in a broader cross-sectoral context in the Czech Republic and offer exemplary transformation scenarios for cities with existing DHN based on interdisciplinary research. The methodology will be developed based on scenarios derive the results of advanced energy system simulation, expected energy market developments and funding opportunities,co-design, where the desing is consulted in the development procedure with an expert panel and representatives of case-study cities.