Mobile recycling line for processing construction waste from mineral thermal insulation materials and use of recycled material including possibility of direct application on construction

Registration number: TJ04000208
Provider: TA CR - ZÉTA Program
Solver: Jan Richter
Start: 01.08. 2020
End: 31.07. 2022
Partners: FSV, Knauf Insulation, LAVARIS

The main goal of the project is to design, develop and optimize a mobile line for recycling waste from mineral thermal insulation materials from new constructions, reconstructions and demolitions of buildings. The solution covers all types of construction applications and takes into account current technical and environmental requirements. The mobile recycling line will allow the insulation to be separated from other building materials, especially plaster residues, building adhesives, mortars, polyurethane foams, etc. The solution will also be the design of new building mixtures using recycled modified materials based on insulating materials. Some alternative solutions will be feasible directly on construction sites. A set of material properties of the proposed mixtures will be determined.