Modular integrated solution for complex energy renovation of apartment buildings with a low carbon footprint.

The goal of the MORE-CONNECT international project was to develop a modular solution for the energy rehabilitation of apartment buildings, which will have a low carbon footprint, enable the conversion of an existing building to zero energy, enable the improvement of the indoor environment, and be industrially feasible produce as prefabricated parts.

When solving the project, we first mapped in detail the needs of the users of older apartment buildings and the requirements for rehabilitation resulting from the usual technical condition of the buildings. We responded to the findings with a set of architectural studies. According to them, we designed a system of prefabricated parts, whose warehouses and critical details we subjected to detailed simulations. We made functional samples of parts, on which we verified the functionality of the anchoring and mutual connection in laboratory conditions, and we experimentally verified the fire safety of the ventilation ducts inside the structure. In BIM, we modeled a small demonstration object on which we verified in real scale the method of installing elements in one day. The object is used and monitored, it is possible to see it during excursions at UCEEB.

About the result

The main result of the project developed at UCEEB is a comprehensive system of prefabricated wood-based parts for energetic rehabilitation of buildings, which is suitable for objects with external bearing wall and reinforced concrete ceiling. The system is intended primarily for apartment buildings, but it can also be used for family houses or smaller office buildings. The main advantage of the system, which transforms older houses into energy-zero buildings, is the speed of installation made possible by the pre-fabrication of individual parts, an integrated ventilation distribution solution using an air handling unit with recuperation, and the ability to control the internal environment individually using a mobile application. The system as a whole is ready for introduction into production, we are ready to help fine-tune the details in connection with specific suppliers of integrated technologies according to the specific needs of the manufacturer.

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