Municipalities talk about water: Communication of the implementation of rainwater management measures in cities

Registration number: TL05000674
Provider: TA CR - ÉTA Program
Solver: M.Sc. Nicol Staňková
Start: 01.05. 2021
End: 31.12. 2023
Partners: Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Ústí nad Labem

The goal of the project is to find, test and systematize communication tools within the framework of planning and implementing measures for rainwater management (SWM) in public space. The solution consists primarily in examining the perception of the content component and the effectiveness of the communication of the selected measures and testing the communication on specific target groups of the public.

The emphasis in the project is on communication between the local government and the public. Good public information leads to more effective planning and greater enforceability of the measures themselves. At the same time, the increased communication activity of the city with the public will contribute to increasing citizens' interest in participating in the development of the city and will also support the implementation of other measures by city residents on their own land beyond the scope of legal obligations.