Nanomaterials and biotechnology

Research team

Within the Nanomaterials and Biotechnology team, we are engaged in the preparation of nanofibrous materials using electrostatic and centrifugal spinning, microparticles using cryogenic milling and ultrasonic atomization, and the preparation of liposomes.

We also offer other top technologies that are used to characterize the physico-chemical properties of pharmacological and biological materials.

We offer accredited exams:

  • detection of the structural surface morphology of nanofibers by scanning electron microscopy,
  • determination of glyoxal by photometric method.

Main activities of the team

  • We develop carriers based on nanofibers, polymer foams, hydrogels and their composites for biomedical and technical purposes.
  • We develop polymer applications for technical and biomedical purposes.
  • We characterize and manufacture intelligent micro and nano coatings and systems.
  • We perform nanofibrous layering with thermal-acoustic insulating properties.
  • We are preparing composite carriers and medical devices for tissue engineering.