Nature-Based Solutions integration to Local Urban Critical Infrastructures Protection for a Climate Resilient Society

Registration number: 101121210
Provider: European Commission Horizon Europe Programme
Solver: Michal Sněhota
Start: 01.09. 2023
End: 31.08. 2026
Partners: University of Minho

NBSINFRA supports improving the protection of local urban critical infrastructures against natural and man-made risks through the co-design and co-creation of nature-based solutions (NBS) for a climate-resilient society. NBSINFRA will demonstrate that nature-based solutions are: (a) technically feasible to protect critical infrastructures from hazards, b) socially acceptable and cost-effective at a local scale; and c) effectively capable of empowering communities through increasing their ecological, social and economic resilience. In order to achieve these objectives, NBSINFRA will establish five (5) representative European regions with an equal number of "urban laboratories". NBSINFRA's municipal laboratories will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of NBS in protecting local resources and their impact on the environment. infrastructure and will maximize their impact based on solutions that are owned by citizens and co-created by end users and administrators. and civil society. NBSINFRA will provide a set of tools that different stakeholders and society can use to compare and select the most appropriate solutions. effective NBS for the protection of local critical infrastructure, with the main objective being to support the strengthening of local urban critical infrastructure and its use. infrastructure against hazards through co-designing, co-monitoring and co-creating NBS for a sustainable and resilient society.