Nature-Like Lighting for Laboratory Animal Facilities

Registration number: FW09020164
Provider: TA CR - TREND Program
Solver: Lenka Maierová
Start: 01.07. 2023
End: 31.12. 2026
Partners: Animalab s.r.o., NUDZ

Our aim is to develop a complex lighting system designed specifically for animal laboratories in scientific institutions and other breeding facilities. Based on the patented full-spectrum LED, it creates a natural light environment, thereby reducing the stress of animals kept in an artificial breeding environment. This will improve animal welfare and health, thus reducing uncertainty in research in many scientific disciplines using animal models. Two variants of lighting will be created: a natural, for research where light is only one of the environmental parameters, and experimental one, for research focused directly on the effect of light on animals. The product will be created in the form of ceiling light, a lighting screen and a system of light boxes placed above the individual cages.