CTU UCEEB has been cooperating with Germany for a year on the concept of Energy Plus Houses

News, 20/09/2018

The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU has set itself the goal of positively influencing the culture of construction in the Czech Republic since its foundation. The implementation of demonstration projects could thus show concrete examples that in our country it is possible to build high-quality, energy-efficient buildings that are healthy and comfortable for their residents and at the same time environmentally friendly. Such an option is offered by the German Effizienzhaus Plus network, which supports the construction of energy-plus buildings.

The Energy Plus House Network brings together the most important German construction companies, research institutes and leading German universities, which support the construction of energy plus houses, ensure legislation, organize research, take care of education, look after a network of partners and enable partial financing. In 2017, the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings became the first foreign member of the German Effizienzhaus Plus network.

CTU UCEEB is trying to develop the topic of Energy-plus houses in the domestic environment by means of practical projects and workshops. In the autumn of 2018, three workshops were held, the purpose of which was to introduce the so-called Plus Houses to the public, state administration workers and other practitioners. The projects are selected in such a way that it is possible to point out the shortcomings in construction on practical examples and clearly demonstrate the direction where buildings should go and how to build them well. Potential demonstration projects in the Czech Republic include, for example, the Elementary and Kindergarten in Postřekov, the Dobříš Library or the House with Social Apartments in Litoměřice.

An exhibition is currently taking place in the Old Town Hall in Prague, where future trends in efficient construction associated with clean mobility are presented. The opening ceremony was attended by Jan Kříž from the Ministry of the Environment, Prague City Councilor Jan Wolf, Petra Alten from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Construction and Homeland and representatives of other important institutions. The focus of the exhibition is to show the development in the construction industry under the auspices of the German Network of Efficient Houses Plus, starting with a family house in Berlin (Effizienz Haus Plus, 2011) through an apartment building in Frankfurt am Main (Aktiv Stadhaus, 2015), the Smart City district FertighausWelt in Wuppertal (19 houses connected Smart Grid system and energy storage in a common battery) and others. The exhibition wants to reach the widest possible public and aims to inspire visitors to think about the concept of Energy-plus houses.