MORE-CONNECT technology is being prepared for market launch

News, 19/03/2019

The goal of our participation in the international MORE-CONNECT project was to significantly improve the efficiency of the renovation of older houses built in a time when energy consumption was not considered at all. The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU is now preparing to market the results of its research in the form of a system of multifunctional panels for renovation of facades and roofs.

Under projektu MORE-CONNECT under the leadership of Antonín Lupíšek, we developed a modular system of prefabricated parts, the prototypes of which were then manufactured by RD Rýmařov in its plant. A variety of technologies are integrated into the individual elements according to the customer's needs. It can be distributions of air conditioning, electricity and data cables, or sensors and photovoltaic panels. For example, the introduction of air conditioning in older buildings therefore no longer requires major structural interventions in the walls, even if its installation was not considered in the original projects. This, of course, brings significant cost savings and increases the comfort of the residents of the rebuilt house and its surroundings.

Reconstruction is also more efficient thanks to the production of panels on automated lines using both common and high-tech materials, if they are needed on a specific object. Ease of assembly, which eliminates the need to build scaffolding, also plays a big role. The complex reconstruction of a typical apartment building, including renovation of the facade, roofing and the necessary technologies (air conditioning, heating, etc.) using the MORE-CONNECT system should therefore take less than two weeks. Future users will also be pleased with the wide range of individualization of the external appearance of the building, together with the possibility of easy setting of construction parameters. In addition, the system can monitor itself using a system of sensors and notify the owner of any problems via the application.

In March 2018, we installed the panels on the experimental building on the property of the Czech Technical University UCEEB in a single day. Their use made it possible to quickly and comprehensively solve insulation, heating, air conditioning and the production of electricity from solar radiation. Subsequently, we launched a long-term verification of functionality through continuous control measurement, which confirmed the achievement of the required quality of the indoor environment and the zero energy standard.

The MORE-CONNECT system is protected by a utility model. We are now looking for a smaller apartment building intended for renovation for its pilot installation in real scale. We are also trying to find a general partner with sufficient background to bring our technology to market.