Our energy solutions caught the attention of Jordan

News, 13/06/2022
The head of the research team for photovoltaic systems of CTU UCEEB Petr Wolf spoke at the most important Jordanian trade fair SONEX 2022 in a seminar called Smart Czech solutions in energy.

During the seminar, Petr Wolf presented to the Jordanian audience the research carried out at CTU as part of the projects Centra pokročilé fotovoltaiky (CAP), an autonomous unit for the production of drinking water from the air in a desert environment known by the abbreviation S.A.W.E.R. (Solar Air Water Earth Resource) and smart house project NCK CAMEB RESOPT.

The goal was to present the Czech Republic as an attractive partner with innovative ideas, especially in the field of renewable resources and energy-efficient solutions, whose priority is the connection of science and research with industrial production. In addition to representatives of the Czech Technical University UCEEB, the Czech companies Solarity and Elektrotechnika also participated in the event held within the framework of Projects of Economic Diplomacy (PROPED).