We've launched the measurement Twins

News, 22. 06. 2023

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the CTU has launched a new measuring equipment called Twins on its Bustehrad campus. These are two identical building objects that enable precise measurements to be made in real climatic conditions, the results of which help determine the influence of various structural elements on the energy performance of buildings. Twins is currently being fully used in a LASSO research project aimed at developing louvered shading elements with photovoltaic modules for double façades, but will also be used for other research activities in the future.  

The unique design of the Twins measuring device provides extensive possibilities for measuring thermal-humidity variables, light levels and solar radiation. In addition, the technical equipment allows the measurement of the cold or heat delivered to a room, from which the effect of the tested elements on the energy performance of buildings can be determined. Through these advanced experiments, we aim to contribute to the development of technologies and solutions that could have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption in buildings and creating a healthier and more sustainable environment.

The Twins measurement equipment consists of two identical building objects that are designed to be minimally and uniformly affected by solar radiation and to provide accurate measurements in realistic climatic conditions. Both are therefore highly insulated and built on ventilated foundations. Each contains a measuring room with a test opening across the south side for mounting samples and a vestibule with measuring and technical equipment.