We help small municipalities in planning public spaces

News, 16/07/2020

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings responds to the demand for a simple procedure that will allow typically smaller municipalities to plan the shape of the open space with regard to the needs of the residents and current technological possibilities.

Smaller municipalities lack the infrastructure that larger cities have. These are, among other things, the seats of state administration bodies in transferred jurisdiction (ORP, municipalities with authorized municipal authorities). Compared to smaller municipalities, they therefore have support in the professional and personnel capacities of these bodies when improving public spaces.

The basic premise of Laboratoře udržitelné výstavby ČVUT UCEEB is that an attractive public space is not formed only by the material environment, i.e. the architecture of the surrounding buildings, the organization of transport or the choice of surfaces and furniture. The quality of the material environment is only one of the key aspects. We attach equal importance to the level of use of the public space, the relationship of residents to it, and its ability to adapt to the new demands of residents in the digital age. Therefore, a multidisciplinary team consisting of experts in architecture and urbanism, sociology and participatory design, as well as the application of new technologies in public spaces, participates in the creation of the methodology.

The main output of the project is the certified Methodology for planning public spaces of small municipalities, which their representatives are to guide through the preparation process. The goal of the methodology is not to educate representatives of municipalities, to make them experts in spatial planning and participatory design. The goal is to make them equal partners for experts who have a vision, can weigh the basic advantages and disadvantages of proposed solutions and make informed decisions.

Prezentace projektu (PowerPoint)

Prezentace projektu (YouTube)

PHOTO: Velká Polom semi-trailer. The author of the design is Ateliér 38, sro

Project Atraktivní obec: Metodika plánování veřejných prostranství v digitálním věku will be completed in April 2021. The research was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ÉTA program. The application guarantor is the Central Bohemian Innovation Center.