We helped with the energy concept of an apartment building supported by sculptures

News, 03/07/2019

In Prague's Karlín, the Nová Invalidovna apartment building should be built within a few years, which will be unique both artistically and technically. The University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU participated in the preparation of the project of a highly energy-efficient building filled with the most modern technologies.

The appearance of the New Invalidovna is supposed to embody a reclining figure, which is symbolically cared for by sculptures by the artist David Černý. The architects combined a bold artistic vision with the intention to positively influence the lives of the building's residents using modern automated technologies and to use renewable energy sources as much as possible for their operation.

In order for the people in Nová Invalidovna to live comfortably after its completion, it was first necessary to carry out detailed simulations of the building's behavior in various variants of glazing, shading and its control, energy sources and their combinations, even before it is built. The work on it was undertaken by our team from the Czech Technical University UCEEB under the guidance of doc. Ing. Tomáš Matuška, Ph.D. From the results of many variants of computer simulations, an optimal variant of the energy concept emerged, including the building's structural and technical solution, a heating system with the possibility of cooling, forced ventilation and hot water preparation.

Central air conditioning with heat recovery and automatic window shading on the southern facades will ensure a comfortable interior environment in the building, which will protect the interiors from overheating, especially in summer. Heating and cooling of the building will be based on concrete thermally activated structures in conjunction with ground-water heat pumps (GEOTABS system) and an advanced MPC predictive control system. A solar power plant will be located on the roof and the use of battery storage is being prepared in connection with the implementation of a local distribution system. Design and architectural work is provided by studio Qarta architektura. The investor and developer of Nová Invalidovna is the company Trigema.