We improve the operation of district heating systems

News, 22. 09. 2023
CTU UCEEB has completed a research project in cooperation with Feramat Energies aimed at developing tools for optimizing the operation of district heating systems, which will bring operators more efficient operation of the technologies and further opportunities for their development with a view to increasing economic benefits.

The project entitled "Predictive control and diagnostics of central heat supply systems - DH4.ENERGY" was implemented under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness. Through industrial research and experimental development, we have verified in practice the theoretical knowledge of transmission phenomena and their modelling within district heating systems. The digitisation of district heating systems is essential for the development of the "4th Generation District Heating" concept, within which renewable heat sources, seasonal heat storage or heat sources providing flexibility to the electricity network can be significantly integrated. 

During the project, a semi-operation with implemented predictive control and diagnostics was deployed in the heating plant in Ostrov nad Ohří. Using predictive control methods, it was possible to regulate the outlet water temperature and water flow in the district heating system to minimize heat losses during heat distribution and electricity costs for driving the circulation pumps. The control can be advantageously used in cases where the district heating sytem operator has variable heat production costs and a contracted dynamic electricity price.