We participate in the creation of the first "smart" school in Prague

News, 02/12/2019

Experts from the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU participated in the modernization of the Technical Economic Training Center in Prague's Hrdlořezy. The result of the project led by ECOTEN is a building awarded the first SBToolCZ Gold Certificate in history, which with its unique solution exceeds the framework of the Czech Republic and boldly competes with a few projects on a European scale.

The school in Českobrodská Street was built in the 1970s and, despite repeated repairs, has already reached the edge of its useful life. Because of this, getting it operational required a complex solution. City Hall The city of Prague, as the founder of the school, therefore proceeded with the overall revitalization, the aim of which was also to reduce the energy demand of the building. An intelligent building with a zero energy balance will rise on the site of the old brutalist building. The start of the reconstruction took place in September of this year and completion is planned for May 2021.

Upon completion, the building will be classified as category A – exceptionally energy-efficient building. For example, the method of using solar energy, i.e. photovoltaic systems in combination with battery systems, which will ensure the supply of electricity during periods when there is no active production of it, will help. It is also possible to have a recuperative air conditioning system or a system for cooling and heating the building using ceiling convectors.

Predictive management of the entire energy system will also be interesting. Light intensity detectors and other sensors will be placed throughout the building. Data from these sensors will be transmitted to the system, which, according to them, will optimally set the operating conditions. It goes without saying that high-quality and economical LED lighting will be provided, while at the same time maximum use of natural light will be made thanks to the efficient internal layout of the school.

It is also worth mentioning the high-quality insulation of the building envelope, unikátní dřevěný plášť ENVILOP, which is the result of applied research of the Czech Technical University UCEEB. Climbing greenery will serve as a shading element, and there will also be a grass roof. Other solutions for the operation of the school with respect to the environment relate to the way water is used. The so-called gray water, i.e. waste water from showers, will be accumulated and subsequently used for toilet flushing. Rainwater will be used to maintain the greenery in the school grounds.

You can read more details about the project ZDE