We participate in the development of domestic community energy

News, 06/09/2022
The CTU University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings implements a project to support the establishment and operation of energy communities in the Czech Republic and to set the conditions for subsidy programs. Its result will be recommendations for state administration, expert analyses, methodology for establishing energy communities and practical tools and manuals for future founders and members of energy communities.

Part of the research is a sociological survey of needs and relationships within community energy, participatory design and verification of outputs with key actors in its development, and testing of the proposed models in real conditions.

The client of the project named Komplexní nastavení podmínek pro vznik a provozování energetických komunit v podmínkách ČR včetně pilotních projektů is the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. He was sponsored by the Energy Regulatory Office. The partners are the Association of Energy Managers of Cities and Municipalities, the Union of Modern Energy and the company PMAC sro

The research and development project was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the BETA2 program.