We proposed changes to the requirements of the OPŽP subsidy program

News, 19/10/2020

On the basis of its study, the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU proposed changes to the criteria for supporting new buildings with a high structural height within the Environmental Operational Program (OPŽP).

The current practice of assessing the energy efficiency of buildings in accordance with legal regulations and related standards has shown that in the case of buildings with a high structural height, such as gymnasiums, sports halls or perhaps cultural centers, it can be potentially problematic to meet the requirements of the OPŽP subsidy program even for well-designed buildings. Based on the study, the research department Energy Systems of Buildings of the Czech Technical University UCEEB proposed changes in the OPŽP conditions (specifically in priority goal 5, specific goal 5.2 To achieve a high energy standard of new public buildings)

The conclusions of our study resulted in a recommendation of the calculation methodology and a proposal to change the requirements for indicators of the energy efficiency of buildings. While the requirement for the average heat transfer coefficient of the building and non-renewable primary energy does not need to be changed in the area of high-rise buildings, we proposed a variable requirement for the specific heat demand for heating directly dependent on the average height of the building. The change was approved at a meeting of the Thematic Working Group of specific objective 1.1 of the Operational Program Environment (OPŽP) 2021 – 2027.