We started scientific cooperation with partners from Poland

News, 11/08/2022

Members of the Participatory Planning and Design team of CTU UCEEB will implement two basic research projects with Polish partners. The cooperation will start thanks to their successful registration in the international call OPUS 22 LAP announced by the Polish Národním centrem vědy (NCN), the domestic part of which is managed by Grantová agentura České republiky (GAČR) under the CEUS Initiative.

Work on both projects will begin in early 2023. For tým Participativního plánování a designu CTU UCEEB represent opportunities for more significant thematic focus and strengthening of expertise in the areas of his interests.
The first of them concerns organizational learning in urban organizations during the implementation of innovation projects. Its leader is Assoc. Ing. Łukasz Damurski PhD from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University in Wrocław, who has been devoted to the issue of urban development for a long time in his rich scientific career. On the part of CTU UCEEB, the scientific background for this project was created mainly thanks to the cooperation of a member of the team with the University of Manchester and the world-class expert there, prof. James Evans PhD, who will take on the role of scientific leader of the Czech part of the research team.

During the three-year research, for which the subsidy amounts to more than 6.3 million CZK, a monograph published by an English-language publishing house, three articles and three presentations at international conferences will be produced. For the non-academic public, the project will organize seminars for city politicians and officials from selected municipalities, as well as publish educational materials on social networks. ICT Operator hl. committed to cooperation on the project. city of Prague and the municipality of the city of Wrocław.

The second project was created on the basis of a newly established (online) collaboration with nezávislým Institutem pro strukturální výzkum (IBS) in Warsaw, focusing on economic analysis and assessing the impact of public policies on various areas. During the three-year project led by Mgr. Jan Frankowski, the Polish-Czech team will address the issues of energy transformation of post-socialist housing cooperatives. As part of the extensive investigation, the Polish part of the team focuses on applying mainly quantitative methods, while the Czech part of the team (led by Tomáš Vácha) mainly uses qualitative methods.

The results of the project, supported by the amount of almost 10.5 million CZK, will be three articles (in the fields of economics, sociology and geography), a multi-agent model and four presentations at international conferences. A policy paper and two newspaper articles summarizing the results of the project and the resulting practical recommendations will be prepared for the non-expert public. Furthermore, the database of cooperatives will be published in free access and the results of the project will be popularized in social networks.