Oak connecting means in wooden constructions: bases for normative anchoring

Registration number: TJ01000412
Provider: TA CR - ZÉTA Program
Solver: Ing. Martin Hataj
Start: 01.09. 2017
End: 31.08. 2018
Partners: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, vvi, Mendels University in Brno

Wooden fasteners are advantageous (and not only) in the repair of wooden structures from a mechanical, functional and aesthetic point of view. The absence of normative documents for the safe design of their use disqualifies them on the market compared to steel fasteners. The goal is to experimentally test a statistically sufficiently wide set of samples during the solution of the project and to numerically model the behavior of the element. This will create a set of data that will serve as a basis for the normative classification of the wooden peg. This file will contain data on the load-bearing capacity and stiffness of the oak dowel for design according to limit state theory, as currently required by Czech building regulations, especially EC 5. It will also include a description of long-term behavior in various environmental conditions.