Optimized expanders for small-scale distributed energy systems

Registration number: TO01000160
Provider: TA CR - KAPPA Program
Solver: Ing. Jan Spale
Start: 01.10. 2020
End: 30.09. 2024
Partners: CTU in Prague – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, SINTEF Energi AS, GT-Progres, s.r.o.

The project will investigate the possibilities and applicability of perspective expanders for the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which will be based on turboexpanders and reed expanders (RVE) with a power range of 1-50 kW. Depending on three case studies (micro-cogeneration, waste heat utilization, low-temperature geothermal applications), three expanders (RVE and two impulse turbines, with an innovative concept) will be designed (and optimized), built and tested for two ORC working substances. Geometry and experimental data incl. non-design states will be summarized and published to accelerate industrial development as well as academic research in expanders in this field. Mapping of the suitability and parameters of the individual expanders considered in the considered range of applications and performances will be carried out and published.