Optimizing the conditions of the internal environment in buildings

Service offer
We offer an analysis and proposal of steps to improve the conditions of the indoor environment in the building with a focus on air quality, thermal comfort and lighting. The offer covers analysis for existing, renovated and newly prepared buildings including their TZB systems.

The offer has the following circuits:
  • Analysis of thermal comfort
    Using the thermal manikin device, thermal comfort analysis will be performed in a closed environment, for example an office with typical equipment of the person using it (PC, teleconference screen, etc.). The distribution of environmental temperatures and their change over time and the thermal sensation perceived by the person will be assessed. Thermal sensation will be evaluated in 36 zones of the human body.
    Output: Measurement report with evaluated data of air temperatures and human thermal sensation for individual parts of the human body.
  • Air Quality Assessment
    The measurement will analyze the distribution of concentrations of pollutants (for example, CO2) in the air and its changes over time during people's stay. The measuring points will be primarily in the residence zone with a focus on the breathing zone of people in the environment. The subject may be, for example, an assessment of the ventilation efficiency system.
    Output: Measurement report with evaluated data, recommendations for modification.
  • Analysis and visualization of airflow
    The smoke test will determine the direction of the air flow with a focus on the air supply and exhaust elements and the movement of air in the occupant zone. Furthermore, visualization and quantification of air flow will be performed using particle laser anemometry. Together with the display of the flow, this also offers precise definitions of the speed and direction of the air flow. The tests are particularly suitable for accurate analysis of air flow around people in combination with assessment of thermal comfort (point 2), or in the vicinity of ventilation, cooling or heating elements and equipment.
    Output: Measurement report with evaluated data showing and quantifying air flow in the measured areas. Smoke test video.
  • Lighting quality analysis
    We offer monitoring and assessment of the quality of the lighting environment. We offer space for the development, testing and optimization of lighting systems and the selection of suitable sources. We focus especially on monitoring the influence of the light environment on humans, designing and testing complex regulation of systems according to the biological effects of light (circadian regulation, biodynamic systems).
    Output: A summary report with an analysis of experimentally determined data with a proposal for recommendations.