Our sensors get new functions

News, 07/05/2020

University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of Czech Technical University improves sensors for measuring the quality of the indoor environment IAQ 03.

The deployment of sensors developed in the Laboratory of Electronic Systems and Diagnostics of CTU UCEEB is quite flexible thanks to the integration of several communication interfaces, including LoRaWAN or WiFi. Nevertheless, customer requests for the ability to display values immediately required additional modifications.

Currently, a new IAQ platform equipped with a touch LCD display is being developed, which enables the immediate display of all measured values (temperature and relative air humidity, concentration of CO2, concentration of VOCs and dust particles in the categories PM1 , PM2.5, PM4, PM10, barometric pressure, indicatively also lighting and noise).

The display unit is intended for use inside buildings. To determine the parameters of the external environment, it is possible to wirelessly connect an outdoor sensor with temperature and humidity measurements. The sensor maintains a varied palette of communication interfaces, including a LoRaWAN wireless network or WiFi with support for MQTT, http, Modbus TCP protocols. In addition to wireless technologies, it is also equipped with the RS485 communication standard with Modbus RTU support. The use of the LoRaWAN network of the ČRA enables extremely easy installation. The detected data are immediately sent to the data portal without the need for user settings.