Our sensors monitor the reinforced concrete bridges

News, 11. 10. 2023
CTU UCEEB has successfully completed the implementation of a sensor system in a pre-tensioned reinforced concrete bridge structure. A total of seven cross sections have been fitted, each containing string strain indicators and fibre optic strain sensors, which will be used to monitor the behaviour of the bridge during construction and subsequent operation.

The bridge sensing system plays a key role in monitoring the condition of the structure both during construction and subsequent operation. During the concreting phase, it allows monitoring of the optimum cooling of the concrete and the changes in the remoulding due to shrinkage. This phase is followed by a pre-stressing process where the data obtained can be carefully compared with the designers' calculations. 

In the next stages, the sensor system will be used to monitor the stress testing of the bridge structure. After commissioning, it will be used to monitor the long-term behaviour of the structure under the influence of expected traffic with increased loads. The entire system is equipped with continuous condition monitoring with an integrated alarm function that immediately alerts of a possible critical condition, for example due to overloading or other risk factors.