Prefabricated recyclable wood-based frame building system

Registration number: FW04020216
Provider: TA CR - TREND Program
Solver: Martin Hataj
Start: 01.01. 2022
End: 31.12. 2024
Partners: Ecokit s.r.o.

The goal of the project is to innovate the existing ecokit building system, consisting of prefabricated portal frames. The development must consider the following: ease of assembly, low fabrication costs, minimal handling demands, high performance standards (passive house), low carbon footprint, recyclability of the structure, digitization of the design process and production. The key aspect of the project is the construction of an experimental structure that will demonstrate the feasibility of the system and its functionality. The goals of the project include a comprehensive design of the construction system, experimental analysis to verify its mechanical resistance, testing fire and acoustic parameters and creating supporting materials for the digitalisation and the integration of BIM.