Professional support for the use of recycled materials in construction

Service offer
We help the owners of buildings intended for reconstruction or demolition design work procedures so that it is possible to make maximum use of the resulting secondary raw materials. We advise architects and designers on effectively and safely applying recycled materials. We help the owners of recycling plants find the use of secondary raw materials in the construction industry. We help manufacturers of concrete structures safely replace primary raw materials with recycled materials.

Our services include:
  • advice on the effective use of recycled materials from the construction industry,
  • proposal of the correct demolition procedure with the assumption of effective subsequent use of secondary raw materials,
  • a proposal for the use of secondary raw materials suitable for the given construction based on a comprehensive assessment,
  • design and optimization of the recipe of concrete containing recycled materials suitable for the given application with experimental evaluation of their properties, suitable as a basis for subsequent certification,
  • verification of the properties of concrete with the content of recycled raw materials and evaluation of suitability for the considered application,
  • a draft of an experimental plan for verifying the properties of concrete containing recycled materials.

In case of special requests or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.