Sunshine forecast for photovoltaic sources

We forecast the intensity of solar radiation for any point in the Czech Republic up to 5 days ahead in hourly intervals. We work with several different sources of satellite prediction, which guarantees the robustness and overall reliability of the service. We have been monitoring the development of lighting conditions in various locations in the Czech Republic for a long time and learning from them. We can further refine the prediction down to minute intervals with the help of an additional illumination sensor or, newly, with the help of a camera sky sensor.

Photovoltaics performance

We provide predicted illuminance values as an online service particularly suitable for control systems of photovoltaic power plants and battery storage facilities. Based on the prediction of illumination, the amount of energy produced by a given photovoltaic power plant can be calculated with a certain accuracy and the production process over time can be derived.
Thanks to the prediction of illumination, the intelligent control algorithm of the battery storage can choose an appropriate energy management strategy and thus maximize local energy use produced by a photovoltaic installation. We use a local PLC, which takes care of both the communication with the computer server and the conversion of illumination for production. The adaptive algorithm can take into account the specifics of the given photovoltaic installation when predicting the production process and the amount of energy produced.


We offer a cogeneration ORC unit with a heat output of 120 kW for wood chips in a container design.

About the result

We offer a basic service with an hourly prediction step free of charge after registration at www.PVForecast.cz. More accurate prediction with a minute step requires an additional installation of an illumination sensor and is provided as a service with a periodic payment. The most advanced prediction using cloud ground sensing technique is also provided as a paid service with individual calculation.