Quality houses can withstand even a pandemic

News, 15/04/2021

Czech Technical University in Prague participated in the creation and development of the methodology for evaluating the resilience of apartment buildings, following on from the tool SBToolCZ (Sustainable Building Tool CZ). It has been used for many years to assess and certify the quality of buildings, their impact on the environment and other aspects. Among the monitored topics, the resistance of apartment buildings to pandemic crises and their effects on the functioning of society and individuals is also included. infectious diseases. From the point of view of the residents of apartment houses, this causes a whole range of new situations and problems to be thought about already as part of the preparation of building projects. It is necessary to manage, for example, the transition to distance learning and work from home, quarantine measures in case of risky contact, treatment of milder forms of the disease in home conditions without infecting other household members, as well as the consequences after experiencing the disease. It is also necessary to withstand other threats caused by the pandemic, such as energy poverty, etc.

In order to increase the resilience of apartment buildings during the pandemic, it is important to emphasize all components of a healthy of the indoor environment in buildings: indoor air quality (ventilation), heat-humidity microclimate, acoustics, day lighting and sunlight. There is also an adjustment of the layout of apartments and common areas.

If we want to have our apartment ready for pandemic conditions, it turns out that it is advisable to have a more spacious entrance area apartment, a zone for safe removal and disinfection/sterilization of protective equipment (mask, shield, mask, cloak, upper part of clothing). The advantage will be a nearby entrance to the front garden or to a balloon, where it is possible to safely air out these contaminated things. be part of the apartment, either a separate study, or at least a full-fledged workplace (high desk, etc.). A big advantage will be the variable space, , which will allow a quick change of layout using folding or "furniture" partitions. Another advantage is more windows in the room to divide the floor plan. mental well-being. Sufficient light is very important - sunlight and daylight. Within the apartment, access to fresh air from each apartment to sufficiently spacious balconies, front gardens with greenery or a view into it should be enabled by default.

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