Recycled environmental concrete for building structures

Registration number: FV10397
Provider: MPO CR – TRIO Program
Solver: prof. Ing. Petr Hájek, CSc.
Start: 01.12. 2016
End: 30.11. 2020
Partners: AZS 98 Ltd

The use of recycled construction and demolition waste as a substitute for natural aggregate in new concrete structures is one of the key goals of sustainable construction and thus one of the priority goals of NPOV. The main goal of the proposed project is to contribute to greater use of brick and mixed recycled construction and demolition waste, in the form of secondary raw material for the production of new concrete and concrete elements for building constructions. The primary goal of the project is to modify the recycling technology in order to achieve the highest quality input material and thereby ensure a wide range of uses. Recipes suitable for the production of concrete will be designed and optimized, and subsequently the knowledge will be transferred into practice, i.e. the laboratory-optimized mixtures will be semi-operationally tested in the conditions of the recycling center. The ongoing goal will be to verify the durability of concrete and concrete elements with a higher content of brick and mixed recycled material. Based on the proven properties of concrete with recycled aggregate, applications for use in building structures will be designed and their environmental profiles analyzed, including a comparison with traditional solutions.