Recycled materials can also be used for green roofs

News, 14/01/2021

The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University and partners from the national competence center CAMEB designed and analyzed the concept of a wetland-extensive green roof irrigated with pre-treated gray water and using recycled brick rubble in the substrate together with pyrolyzed sewage sludge. After six months of observation, the pilot areas appear to be functional with well-prospering vegetation and relatively low concentrations of nutrients at the outlet.

Researchers from the Urban Hydrology team of the Czech Technical University UCEEB as part of the project Water and waste recycling within the green infrastructure of cities (REVOZIM) prepared a total of 16 variants of substrates, two of which they selected for the realization of experimental areas of green roofs. In order to assess the effect of pyrolyzed sewage sludge, one of them is fitted with a substrate with its admixture and the other is left without it. Brick rubble is part of both substrates used.

The analysis was carried out on the basis of water balance measurements, laboratory analyzes of water samples taken from different parts of the experimental set-up, temperature and humidity measurements along the height of the formation and hydrophysical characteristics of the designed substrates, such as maximum water capacity, volumetric weight, granularity or pH.