Research on the possibilities of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for expanders for low-temperature applications in decentralized energy

Registration number: TJ01000090
Provider: TA CR - ZÉTA Program
Solver: Ing. Vaclav Novotny
Start: 01.10. 2017
End: 30.09. 2019
Partners: FOX GUARD, s.r.o

The goal of the project is the design, construction and experimental verification of the possibilities of additive manufacturing (3D printing, primarily of metals) as an economical and technologically progressive production method for low-power expanders (microturbines). The project solution will support cooperation between technologists and energy workers within the academic environment and a commercial partner specializing in advanced modern technology – 3D printing of metal parts. The main results of the project are expected to be 2 functional samples of expanders and verification of the function in semi-operation.

From the objectives of the National Priorities, 3D printing as a general purpose technology (GPT) will be used to achieve an innovative product with new useful properties, both technological and economic. The product will further be applied in a number of goals from the field of energy.