SBToolCZ certification – assessment of comprehensive quality of buildings

Service offer

We prepare documents for comprehensive quality assessment and certification of buildings using the SBToolCZ method specially created for the Czech environment, which offers suitable optics for assessing commercial and private objects.

Cooperation with our team of authorized SBToolCZ persons, authorized to submit documents for certification to the certification bodies, can take place in the form of:

  • methodical guidance in the creation of project documentation in the form of long-term consultations,
  • processing partial studies leading to the improvement of the resulting quality of the building, both in terms of energy and the quality of the internal environment, acoustics, etc.,
  • ongoing or one-time assessment upon reaching the set milestones of preparations (documentation for building permits, documentation for construction, etc.).

In case of special requirements or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.​

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Ing. Martin Volf, Ph.D.