SBToolCZ - comprehensive building quality assessment methodology


SBToolCZ is a national Czech certification tool for expressing the quality level of buildings, in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction. The certification process was officially introduced and put into operation in June 2010. UCEEB was involved in the development of the updated methodology to be published in 2022 and the further development of new variants of SBToolCZ.

SBToolCZ offers developers, architects, designers, clients and other interested parties the following:

  • a marketing tool – building quality certification that corresponds to the degree of compliance with the principles of sustainable construction,
  • evaluation of the building in terms of impact on the environment, including possible optimization of this impact,
  • inspiration to find innovative solutions that minimize the impact on the environment,
  • evaluation of the building in terms of technical design,
  • affecting the social impacts of construction,
  • a tool that will help reduce operating costs and improve user comfort,
  • evaluation of the quality of the location in which the proposed building will stand.

The positives of SBToolCZ certification compared to foreign methodologies:

  • SBToolCZ is still the only localized tool in the Czech Republic,
  • as the only one that respects local climatic, building and legislative conditions,
  • is conducted in Czech,
  • is cheaper,
  • data on construction do not leave the Czech Republic,
  • SBToolCZ is based on an internationally recognized method and evaluates similar criteria as other foreign methods.

Goal of certification by SBToolCZ methodology:

  • providing a reliable certificate of compliance of the building with legislative requirements and with the principles of sustainable construction,
  • increasing the market value of buildings and reducing their operating costs,
  • support for reducing the energy performance of buildings, in accordance with Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on the energy performance of buildings EPBD II,
  • evaluation of buildings within aspects in the field of sustainable construction,
  • an optimization tool for designing buildings that better meet client requirements,
  • mitigating the impact of buildings on the environment during the entire life cycle,
  • supporting the creation of a good and healthy indoor environment of buildings,
  • stimulating demand for sustainable buildings,
  • stimulation of manufacturers to produce and market environmentally friendly products responding to the new basic requirement for constructions according to EP and Council Regulation No. 305/2011,
  • an incentive for manufacturers to attach an EPD environmental declaration to the product.

How does SBToolCZ certify a building?

  • SBToolCZ contains a set of criteria from the field of sustainable construction,
  • each criterion has a scoring system, which is based on many years of research and respect for national customs and Czech legislation,
  • a multi-criteria evaluation of criteria that is supported by a panel of experts,
  • based on the number of points received, the resulting quality level is determined.

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