Simulation, tests and digitization for Construction 4.0

Registration number: TN01000056/13
Solver: prof. Ing. Zdeněk Bittnar, DrSc.
Start: 01.06. 2019
End: 31.12. 2022
Partners: Technical University of Liberec, KNAUF Prague, spol. s ro, KNAUF INSULATION, spol. s ro, di5 architects engineers sro, TKP geo sro, Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague

The motivation for the National Centre of Competence CAMEB is the decrease, or depletion of non-renewable natural resources, both material and energy, and the impact of this phenomenon on construction. The current trend of massive energy savings in the operation of buildings does bring significant improvements in the field of operational energy, but the material and energy demands of construction are growing rapidly.

As part of the Cameb STD 4.0 project, we monitor the Knauf URBANSCAPE model green roof assemblage on an experimental building in the UCEEB area. The roof is divided into two halves, where the URBANSCAPE green roof was installed on one side and the other half serves as a reference area.
On the building, we provide monitoring and evaluation of rainwater runoff, the temperature of the green roof layer and roof structure, and the humidity of the green roof substrate.