Tailor-made assistive technology

Service offer

We cooperate with companies, municipalities and public contractors in three areas:

  • People and Innovation

We help companies and public institutions create high-quality and user-friendly services or technologies. We focus mainly on the area of social and health services, smart homes and systems, telemedicine, assistive technology and IoT. Before a service or technology is introduced, it needs to be verified that people understand and really need it. We will go through the entire process with you from research, through design to testing the solution.

  • People and special buildings

Based on needs and behavior research, we help design user-friendly buildings. We specialize in buildings adapted to a medical handicap, special purpose or service. These are, for example, adapted housing, health and social facilities, nursing homes, sheltered housing, etc. Together with users / operators, we define the functions of individual spaces and design or innovate their technical and spatial equipment. We are part of an interdisciplinary workplace, which is why we can involve, for example, energy engineers and other building experts in the project.

  • People and Technology

We not only help companies to evaluate their service or product in terms of friendliness to users, superior systems and operators. The personalized telemedicine laboratory enables the installation of various technologies and systems in the environment of a real apartment. Our goal is to evaluate the current state and transform the product into a high-quality, friendly and sustainable one.

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