Technology for simplifying installation and energy savings in building heating systems - IQ pump

Registration number: CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_023/0000113
Provider: EU ESIF – Operational program Prague – growth pole of the Czech Republic
Solver: Ing. Jiří Dostal
Start: 01.01. 2017
End: 31.05. 2018

The basis of the solution is a device consisting of a centrifugal pump, sensors and control electronics collectively called an IQ-pump (English ?IQ-pump). The device is located on the line of the heat-carrying liquid from the heat exchanger, and by changing the speed of the centrifugal pump, it regulates the flow of the heat-carrying liquid through the exchanger and thereby regulates its performance (the amount of heat transferred). By regulating the flow in real time, it is possible to react dynamically to changes in the inlet temperatures of the heat-carrying media and pressure changes in the circuit of the exchanger so that the transferred power closely follows the demand for the power of the exchanger.

With the help of the IQ-pump, it is possible to diagnose the running parameters of the pump and the performance indices of the heat exchanger in real time. Control commands and diagnostic information are communicated with other pumps in the network and with the coordinator, thus enabling control and monitoring of the distribution network as a whole. The biggest competitive advantage of the entire solution, however, is the ability to directly optimize the thermal energy output, when the optimization algorithm calculates the optimal control trajectory for each pump so that the minimum amount of energy is consumed while maintaining the thermal comfort set by the user in the building.