Three-dimensional nanofibrous carrier with an incorporated system of controlled drug delivery for tissue engineering of bone and cartilage

Registration number: GA15-15697S
Provider: Czech Science Foundation
Solver: M.Sc. Michala Rampichová, Ph.D.
Start: 01.01. 2015
End: 31.12. 2017
Partners: Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The goal of the project is the research of a carrier connected to a system for the controlled delivery of substances, stimulating the migration of progenitor cells and the formation of new osteochondral tissue. This system will be based on three-dimensional nanofibers prepared by the centrifugal spinning method (Forcespinning).

Tissue engineering is the replacement of missing or damaged tissue with a new, fully functional one. To imitate physiological healing, it is necessary to create carriers that respect the needs of specific tissue. The carriers should allow cell adhesion, proliferation, migration and differentiation into the desired cell type. Due to their properties, nanofibrous carriers are a promising material, but due to their structure with small pores, they do not allow effective cell penetration and rapid tissue vascularization. The aim of this project will be research in the field of creating a three-dimensional nanofibrous carrier for tissue engineering of bone and cartilage. For this purpose, a new centrifugal spinning method will be used, which enables the creation of carriers with high porosity. In addition, we will research and develop ways to produce coaxial fibers for controlled drug delivery. Incorporation of stimulating substances into the carrier and their controlled release will enable cell migration into the carrier and their further proliferation and differentiation. We assume that the project will make it possible to gain new knowledge about the factors influencing the quality of regeneration.