Tour of public spaces

Service offer

The purpose of the day-long excursion is to compare access to public spaces in different municipalities together with the representatives of the municipalities. Based on the presence in the real environment, it is always easier to more realistically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the space and realize that even "when two do the same thing, they are not always the same".

Offer includes:

  • a full-day excursion for representatives of one or more municipalities,
  • a step-by-step presentation of the public space planning process,
  • evaluation of the public spaces of the visited municipalities together with an urban planner and a sociologist,
  • creating a brochure from the joint meeting.

The participants of the workshop will get an overview of the transformation of public spaces and various practical tips for improving public spaces and involving the public. They will also receive a brochure from the joint meeting, which will summarize basic tips and recommendations, an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities (so-called SWOT analysis) of the individual public spaces that were visited, and inspiring examples of good practice.

In case of special requests or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.