Transfer of knowledge of fire engineering methods for theoretical development and experimental verification of progressive design procedures in the field of cooling building structures with low-pressure water mist

Registration number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_013/0004988
Provider: EU ERDF – Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness
Solver: Ing. Marek Pokorný, Ph.D.
Start: 01.01. 2017
End: 31.12. 2018
Partners: FK Servis, sro

Water mist as an effective extinguishing agent has been used in fire protection for decades. The intention of the presented project is to apply a specific technology of low-pressure water mist (hereinafter referred to as NVM) used, for example, in the mining industry (air dust removal) for the construction industry, specifically for cooling various building structures and subsequently increasing fire resistance. Compared to a traditional water system for sprinkling structures (smaller number of drops with a larger diameter), NVM technology represents a significant potential - high cooling efficiency (a large number of small diameter droplets in the air), lower cost (technically simpler equipment, lower water consumption, lower risk of subsequent water damage ), possibilities of rehabilitation of existing constructions (e.g. steel constructions with paints that have expired), etc. The main problem for the company is seen in the absence of a so-called fire engineering approach for effective development, optimization and subsequent designs (mathematical computer models predicting behavior for a given design ), whose knowledge, on the other hand, is available to the university. Both for the development of NVM technology and for mathematical models, reliable verification (so-called validation) in the form of experimental tests, which are a strategic part of the project, is key.