Urban innovations

Main research area

Urban innovations are technological, organizational and process changes that help improve the quality of life. We include both systemic projects in large cities and partial investments in public buildings or spaces in small towns. The common denominator is the pursuit of positive impacts on the environment, functional and resource-efficient buildings, digitized services and, as a result, satisfied residents. The first obstacle is the lack of verified information about what new trends can bring to municipalities and what innovations to focus on.

The main part of the task of municipal and city governments is well-informed preparation and a high-quality proposal. Whether it is the reconstruction of a square, a smart town hall building, the city's energy supply network or a web portal for citizens, the first step is to understand the possible alternative solutions and their benefits for fulfilling the city's goals. Cooperation with an independent professional institution enables municipalities to prevent the risk of bad investments. Added value for a number of cities and smaller municipalities is also the possibility to be among the first to try out new technologies and adapt them to their needs within the framework of demonstration and research projects with international partners.

We help to fulfill the real needs of Czech cities and municipalities by providing them with independent interdisciplinary teams tailored to specific tasks. Sociologists, urban planners, architects and civil engineers, energy workers, water managers, waste management specialists, economists and many others participate in urban innovation projects.
In cooperation with cities, we create strategic documents focused on technological, organizational and process innovations.

We cooperate with municipalities as guides in the process of preparation and commissioning of investment projects in the areas of sustainable construction and energy.
We support municipalities in planning the transformation of public spaces. For their representatives, we offer educational activities, public involvement in the entire process, and the preparation of documents for commissioning a public space study.
We help with the comprehensive preparation of large-scale and smaller investments in neighborhood energy with a focus on the plus standard, sustainability of the heat supply system, energy communities and more.

With the growing need to effectively use resources on a global scale, even Czech cities and smaller municipalities will have to function more efficiently. The highest quality of life will be in municipalities that can best use technological and process innovations to their advantage. Public investment will increasingly require interdisciplinary collaboration so that technologies and processes complement each other appropriately. The new way to be efficient will be the energy interconnection of buildings on a mass scale, which will use local resources and flexible energy supplies. Our goal is to respond to these trends and effectively transfer the results of our and foreign research into the life of Czech cities.


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