Use of advanced technologies in the field of odorology

Registration number: TL03000207
Provider: TA CR - ÉTA Program
Solver: prof. Evžen Amler
Start: 01.04. 2020
End: 31.03. 2023
Partners: University of Regional Development and Banking Institute - AMBIS, as

The project will contribute to the application of knowledge of basic research and new technologies in social practice. To develop a nanofibrous carrier with high adsorption capabilities towards polar and non-polar molecules. Create nanofibrous nanotextiles based on unique nanofibrous threads. To compare the properties of this unique textile with the parameters of a classic layered nanofiber carrier, to verify its ability to absorb molecules of various odorants. Create a functional sample with an electroencephalograph, to test the response when comparing different types of odorants with the help of a new sorption material based on nanofibers with applicability in various spheres of social life and odorology. Create software to evaluate the electroencephalographic recording obtained during the sensing of brain activity when comparing odorants.