Utilization of low-potential waste heat for electricity storage using the Carnot batteries concept

Registration number: TJ04000326
Provider: TA CR - ZÉTA Program
Solver: Ing. Vaclav Novotny
Start: 01.07. 2020
End: 30.06. 2022
Partners: Heat pumps MACH, sro

The main goal of the project is the selection of the most promising CB configurations for the use of waste heat and the creation of balance 1D models of the TČ+AKU+ORC concepts and sensitivity analyzes for mapping the possibilities of achieved parameters even in non-design states. Other outputs include the creation of model case studies for various types of industry based on their profile and the temperature level of waste heat, including the design of business models for commercial applications or the finding of barriers to the widespread deployment of technology together with a proposal to overcome them. The project will also deal with the design and experimental verification of a selected technology node of the considered Carnot batteries system (specifically, a pair of heat pumps with a storage container using stone dust, with which the researchers are experimenting) and measuring the dynamics of charging and the temperature profile inside the container with stone dust and its changes over time .